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Travertine Tile
- Great for spas and classic decor
- Travertine for bathrooms & kitchens
- Pattern sets: rectangles or square
- Choice of edges, veining, and finish

Granite Tile
- Great for hardness, repelling water
- Granite tiles for bathrooms & kitchens
- Pattern designs high impact to modern
- Choice of edges, color, and finish

- Suits Classic to Modern decor
- Glass, Stone, Metal and more
- Mix and match with full size tiles

Sandstone Tile
- Textured design for indoor & outdoor
- Warm & slip-resistant surface

Modern Tile Flooring for Your Home & Workplace

New Tile floors create a durable, modern surface that is easy to clean & resistant to water; a new tile floor installation in your kitchen, bathroom and/or living room offers an incredibly enduring surface for your Birmingham-Hoover residence, one that’s perfect for the moist and high traffic areas of your home. Tile flooring maintains it's shape while resisting mold and mildew in wet areas of your home like spas, showers, and bathroom floors and walls. Several manufactured tiles are also resisting to semi-acidic substances, making them a great choice for resisting to food and drink spills in kitchens. Tile flooring is easy to maintain with just semi-regular cleaning using simple, non-abrasive household solutions.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
- Durable for long-term performance
- Endless design possibilities
- Quick and easy to clean

Marble Tile
- Renowned for refined beauty
- Symbol of affluence & sophistication
- Variety of color options
- Popular in foyers, kitchens & bathrooms

Slate Tile
- For indoor & outdoor use
- Created to last
- Easy maintenance
- Earthy, rugged beauty

Limestone Tile
- Unique, decorative statement
- Rugged, durable & beautiful stone
- Old-world appeal

Tile Installation for Birmingham & Hoover Homes
Tile Flooring for Bathrooms, Living Rooms &  Kitchens