A modern tile shower tile increases the value of your Birmingham-Hoover area home, shower pan repairs prevent possible damage to building components. A new bathroom tile shower pan, floor and wall will take time and work, but the results increase the value and utility of your home. For the tile to look good and last, you need a strong, waterproof foundation. Bathrooms are one of the primary focuses of today’s building and remodeling projects. As a result, tiled showers, with their aesthetic and hygienic benefits, are more popular than ever. Tiled showers are luxurious and beautiful.  A plethora of tile colors, designs, and shapes provides endless possibilities and enhances the aesthetics of the entire bathroom.  Tiled showers also allow for flexibility when installing the latest features, such as benches, niches, windows, multiple shower heads, and steam units.

Glass Shower Doors 

Frameless shower doors are one of the most popular requests for bath/shower remodeling. Frameless glass shower doors can be a modern and sleek addition to an existing shower enclosure. The seamless appearance of frameless glass is very appealing to many homeowners and potential buyers. Furthermore, glass doors last longer and can be more easily cleaned than traditional shower curtains, which are prone to mold and mildew growth. Frameless glass doors, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned and disinfected with traditional glass cleaner. The low maintenance required, in addition to the cosmetic appeal of frameless glass shower doors, make them a popular option for those renovating their bathrooms.

Shower Pan Repairs

Many leaky shower pan repairs the result of a corroding, leaky shower pan or a defective vinyl/rubber shower pan installation - replacing an entire shower can be expensive and usually is not necessary. If you have a tile shower leak, it could result in water-damage to framing components adjacent to the shower. Generally, the most economical option is to replace just the floor area and bottom area of walls with tile the blends-in with the existing style, instead of replacing the entire shower. We specialize in shower pan leaks, call us for a free inspection.

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